Montreal Daily Star, 22 April 1889, page 3

Roses for St George’s Day

England expects every man, woman and child of English descent to wear a rose to-morrow in honour of St George and Merrie England.  The Star has secured thousands of handsome roses for presentation to all who call at the Star office for them to-morrow after 8.30am.

St George’s day comes at a season when roses are necessarily scarce.  But no one, proud of England’s badge, need go without a rose to-morrow.  The “Star” office provides enough for all who want them.

St. George’s Day

The regular annual sermon to the members of the St. George’s Society and Englishmen generally will be delivered on Sunday next, 28th inst., by Rev. FH Marling, MA, in the Emmanuel Church, at 7 in the evening.  The collection on the occasion will be devoted to the general fund of the Society.  The organist will play some especially selected pieces.  There will be no special celebration to-morrow, St. George’s day.