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St Andrew’s Society of Montreal Burns Nicht

Burns Quiz


  1. In which place did Robert Burns found his Batchelor Club?  Tarbolton
  2. Where is the setting for Robert Burns’ poem Tam O’Shanter?  Alloway
  3. What year was Robert Burns born?  1759
  4. In which garden are there some interesting stone figures from Tam O’Shanter?  Souter Johnnie’s Cottage
  5. On which river does Dumfries stand?  Nith
  6. Where is Robert Burns buried?  (Extra point for the name of the church)  Dumfries…. St Michael’s Church
  7. What spooky poem is illustrated on Montreal’s Burns Monument?  Tam O’Shanter
  8. At which castle did Robert Burns meet “Bonny Lesly”, whom he later immortalized in song?  Castle Grant
  9. What did Robert Burns describe as a “wee sleekit cowrin timorous beastie”? a mouse
  10. What day was Robert Burns born?  January 25th
  11. What food is traditionally piped in during a Burns supper?  Haggis
  12. What was the name of Burns’ wife?  Jean Armour
  13. What country was Burns contemplating emigrating to?  West Indies
  14. What year did Robert Burns die?  1796
  15. Where is Montreal’s Burns monument?  Place du Canada/ Dominion Square