Montreal Gazette, 15 March 1856, page 4

Dr. Garden’s Worm Tea or

Cherokee Indian Worm killer.

This wonderful medicine was long since discovered by the Cherokee Indians and used by them as the only sure remedy for Worms in children.  The secret of this valuable preparation was subsequently disclosed by one of the Chiefs of that tribe to Dr Garden, the then Government Physician to the Indians, and it has, by much trouble and expense to the present proprietor, been secured as a boon to the afflicted of the present and future generations.  This great medicine is warranted to be prepared from the choicest of Indian vegetables, and vegetables only, none of which can possibly injure the feeblest constitution, but will always expel worms from the human system within a few hours after it is administered, and at the same time it is very mild in its action and exceedingly pleasant.  No child—not even the most delicate—can refuse to take it.  It is a well-known but melancholy fact that the great cause of death among children is attributable to worms and worms alone.  They give rise to many diseases, and are the more fatal because least suspected.  If parents would only give this subject more attention, and carefully observe the symptoms which indicate the existence of Worms in the stomach and bowels, the lives of thousands of children would, no doubt, be saved annually.

As regards Dr Garden’s Worm Tea, it has acquired a reputation far exceeding any other medicine ever known, and is every day increasing in popularity.  Wherever it is known and used, it is universally approved.  It possesses properties which can be found in no other article, and is more prompt and efficacious in its action, and at the same time entirely free from any ingredient injurious to the system.  Much more might with truth be said of the wonderful virtues of this preparation, and many testimonials might be added in proof of the truth of what has been stated, but the proprietors prefer that it should rest on its own merits, fully convinced that all who try it will admit that the half has not been told.


In order to secure the public against imitations, other worthless articles so-called Worm tea, we have placed at the head of this advertisement an exact representation of the beautiful engraved wrapper which surrounds every package of the Genuine Dr Garden’s Worm Tea, and further, it would be well for any one wishing to purchase the genuine article to clip from this newspaper the engraving at the head of this advertisement as your guide, and take it to the druggist or merchant from whom you intend to purchase, and should he offer you any other, shun it as you would poison, for it may do much harm to your child, and will not expel the worms.  Remember and call Dr Garden’s Worm Tea, and do not accept any other.  Price 25 cents per package.

For sale, wholesale and retail by Lymans, Savage & Co, J Birks & Co, and SJ Lyman, Montreal, June 5, 1855.