Montreal Witness, 19 April 1852, page 140

The Late Mrs Corse

In our obituary will be found a notice of the death of Susanna Lyman, wife of Roswell Corse, Esq., of this city.

The deceased was a native of Northampton, Mass., and removed to this place on her marriage, in 1820.  In early life she devoted herself to the service of her Redeemer, and for nearly fifty years has been a constant and devoted follower of her Divine Master.  Her religion was that of a sinner deeply convinced of the evil of sin, and her own unworthiness; she gloried only in the cross of Christ, and viewed with pain any form of error which tended to obscure its brightness.  Loving Christ, she loved his people and his cause.  This affection was constantly manifested by active efforts in various benevolent enterprises.  She was one of the twenty-eight persons at first united to form the “American Presbyterian Church,” in this city, and with the exception of her sister, the last survivor of them; she was deeply interested in the welfare of that church, and an active promoter of its “Dorcas” Society, which for many years met statedly at her house for the clothing of the destitute children in the Sabbath School.  The “Protestant Orphan Asylum” had an early interest in her sympathies and prayers.  The “Ladies French Canadian Missionary Society” owes its existence mainly to her efforts and those of her surviving and aged sister.

Although of late years increasing infirmities prevented participation in the active engagements of benevolent effort, she never lost her interest in them, while all who have had intimate intercourse with her, have noticed her increasing spirituality and love.  The most perfect resignation and child-like submission marker her last illness; she had no choice as to the event,– “God will do what is best; I am perfectly resigned to his will,” was her repeated expression.  Her life was that of the righteous, her death that of the disciple falling sweetly asleep in Jesus.