Montreal Daily Star, 12 August 1889

The Caledonian Games

The 34th annual games of the Caledonian Society drew a large crowd to the Exhibition Grounds on Saturday afternoon.  Everything passed off successfully, the chief event of the day being the physical drill of the Royal Scots, which was gone through in a way that reflects great credit on their instructor, Capt Lydon.  The judges were Hon William Rhodes, Lieut-Col Fletcher, CMG; Lieut-Col Stevenson, Lieut-Col Caverhill, Capt CC Newton, Capt FS McLennan, Messrs George Wit, WL Malthy, Wm Angus, RB Angus, Ewan McLennan and Wm Wilson.  The following are the results:

Dambrod match- five entries- 1. Thomas Finn; 2 P Lyall

Throwing heavy hammer- 16 lbs- four entreis- 1. John McRae, 85 ft 7 in; 2. A McDonald, 83 ft, 8 in.

Putting heavy stone- four entries- 1. John McRae 33 ft; 2. A Macdonald, 30 ft 6 in.

Putting light stone- six entries- 1. John McRae, 40 ft; 2. A Macdonald, 36 ft 9 in

Tossing the caber, four entries- 1. John McRae, 36 ft and 10 inches; 2. A Macdonald, 36 feet 6 inches.

Running long jump, five entries- 1. CJ Sullivan, 20 feet; 2. T Moffatt, 19 feet 1 inch

Running hop, step and jump, four entries 1. CJ Sullivan 45 ft 5 inches; 2. William Macdonald, 43 feet 3 ½ inches

Running high leap, three entries- 1. CJ Sullivan 5 feet 3 inches; 2. J Macdonald, 4 feet 11 inches

Vaulting with pole, four entries- 1. A Millar, 7 feet 6 inches; 2. CJ Sullivan, 6 feet

One mile race, open, four entries- 1. E Case, 2 John Corbett

The best piper in Highland costume, each to play march, strathspey and reel, three entries- 1. Fred Ridell 2. Piper Clarke

Best dressed boy in Highland costume, five entries- 1. Frank Stewart; 2. Willie Milne, 3.Arthur Stuart

Highland fling in Highland costume, four entries – 1. Alexander Niven; 2. Fred Ridell; 3

Wm Stewart

Highland fling (boys and girls under 14 years of age) five entries- 1. Frank Stuart; 2. Willie Milne; 3. Arthur Stuart

Ghillie Callum (highland costume) three entries- 1. Alex Niven; 2. F Stuart

Sailor’s hornpipe (sailor’s costume) two entries- 1. Alex Niven; 2. Fred Riddell

Half mile race (amateurs) 1. AA Barntart MAAA; 2. SJ Waldron, MAAA

Boys race (sons of members, under 12 years of age) five entries-  1. HDA Niven; 2. D Campbell

One mile (amateurs) seven entries- 1. John Hughes, 2. BA Paterson

Quarter mile race, three entries- 1. SJ Waldron; 2 M Dorkin

The lacrosse match between the Orients and the Hawthornes was won by the former who took three straight.  In the football match the Grand Trunk team won two goals and were kicking when the darkness put an end to their efforts.  In the tug of war the sailors of the steamship “Colina” after a hard pull defeated the sailors of the steamship “Sardinian” but a team from the city police defeated them both.