Montreal Gazette, 17 November 1835

To the “Scotch-Catholic,” whose letter appears in our present number, we would remark that the Protestant press of this city, in stepping forward to defend the reputation of the Catholic Clergy, from the most unwarrantable slanders, sought for no thanks, nor did they look for any reward for doing that which as ‘good chroniclers,’ it was peculiarly their duty to perform.  It was the cause of justice and truth, while at the same time the evidence of Protestants against the calumnies circulated by a Protestant writer, possessed greater weight probably than any proceeding from those who professed the creed of the party attacked.

We thank, however, our correspondent, for the hint contained in the latter part of his note.  The universal condemnation by all the British journals in the Province, of the articles which have appeared in the New York paper, goes fully to contradict the willful assertion of the Clique writers, that religious feeling has an influence on the opinions formed by the British inhabitants of the Province, in opposition to those entertained in the Assembly.