Montreal Gazette, 20 September 1836, page 2

The trade of libeling the Roman Catholic clergy, and the people generally of that communion, seems to still carried on with spirit at New York.  It began by publications in the name of the unprincipled female in Boston, whose falsehoods led to the burning of a convent there, and being found profitable, it extended to New York.  A third character of the sort, it seems, has made her appearance in New York, going by the name of Frances Patrick, another echapee, as she pretends, from the Hotel Dieu of Montreal; at least it is so stated in the New York Journal of Commerce of the 3d instant.  A Mr. Prevost, who has introduced himself at New York as having studied at St Hyacinthe, and pretends to have respectable names to his recommendations, it appears, is also employed in the business of translating into French the book written in the name of Maria Monk, for circulation in Canada and elsewhere.  This we guess, however, will be a bad speculation, and will have to be paid for out of the profits of the English edition; to which the anti-Catholic prejudices of some respectable people in the United States, and the corrupt morals of others, have given a large circulation.  We are sorry to find that men professing to be Ministers of Protestant congregations, have so far forgot what is due to their own character, and the institutions of the country they live in, to be in any way concerned in such a business.  What can be the result but religious dissensions in the United States, where all religions are placed by law upon a perfect equality.  If it were seriously intended to revive the times of religious persecutions, and bring the American system of religious freedom into contempt, they could not follow a course more likely to be attended with success, and finally justify the interference of the secular power to force the contending parties to live in peace, and practise, at least, that essential part of the doctrine which they preach.