Montreal Gazette, 15 September 1836 page 2

We have not had time to give a careful perusal to reply to Maria Monk’s disclosures, which Messrs Jones & Co of this city have published.  We perceive however, a vast variety of authentic evidence, completely corroborating all the allegations made by the Protestant against her depraved and dissolute character- her residence in the Magdalen Asylum instead of the Hotel Dieu Convent- her insane mind- the disgraceful conduct of her protector- and the total falsehood and absurdity of her abominable charges.  The author of the Reply appears to sift with great ingenuity, not only her disassociated statements, but also proves, by contrast, essential variances in her own story.  We have only to regret that we find here and there interspersed a few passages, which, on due reflection might have been omitted, without injury to the utility of the work.  We allude to some sentences in which Calvinists are not highly flattered, by being bodily, as it were, held liable for the fanatical proceedings of a few who profess that faith, and who, by their hypocritical and dishonorable proceedings in the case of Maria Monk, have done much evil to the cause of religion in general, as well as shewn themselves no friends to the faith which they have pretended to support and advance.