Mary Jane Cashion's monument, Williamstown.

I am beginning a new theme on my blog called family monuments.  Now at first glance it must seem like the most morbid of things, the photographing of family tombs and so forth, but in reality it is not.  Grave markers are marvelous sources of information for historians, as they represent what the family wanted to be remembered about their dead loved ones.  Cemeteries may be built on the bones of our dead, but they are above all monuments for the living.   It is there where the survivors go to honour their dead.

I will begin this series with my Great-grandmother who is buried in Williamstown, Ontario at St Mary’s Catholic Church.  Jean Nicholas Leitch was Mary Jane’s daughter, and Rachael was her sister.


In loving memory of Mary J Cashion

Born Sept. 11, 1868

Died May 4, 1960

Beloved wife of the late

William C Leitch

Jean Nicholas Leitch

Born Apr. 23, 1894

Died Feb. 24, 1924




Patrick Spink

Aug 1857-Apr 1941

Rachael Cashion

Oct 1864- Jan 1942

Photographs taken August 1993.

Back of Mary Jane Cashion's monument, Williamstown.