Montreal Daily Star, 25 May 1887, page 2

The Queen’s Birthday

How the holiday was spent by the citizens

The Queen’s birthday was celebrated in a very quiet way, no doubt in anticipation of the grand jubilee to be held in June.  General sports and excursions only marked the day.

The royal salute was fired at 12 o’clock by the Garrison artillery from the mountain top.

Crowds of citizens spent the day in the country, and the GTR and CPR excursion trains were filled to their utmost capacity with pleasure seekers.

The Island Park was greatly patronized and the ferry each time carried over full loads of young people beat on having a good time.

The Mountain Park was also visited by thousands.  As early as eight o’clock there was a steady procession up Park Avenue via the elevator to the top of Mount Royal.  Unfortunately the weather which had promised so well suddenly changed, and about 4 pm heavy showers of rain began to fall, and continued almost incessantly.  There was a stamped for pieces of shelter; but the unfortunates who were on such places as Park avenue, where no shelter could be obtained, must have had pleasant thoughts, especially the young gallants who, powerless, had to witness the misery of their fair partners, whose light attractive dresses were soon deprived of all their starch and hung limp upon many a fair form.

At St John’s

The Sixty-fifth Battalion, under command of Major Dugas, left Montreal on Monday night by the 9:30 train and were quartered for the night in the old drill shed at St John’s.

At eleven o’clock yesterday they were drawn up into line in the barrack yard, as well as the B School of Infantry and after a short drill Lieut-Col D’Orsonnens, Major Dugas and the chief officers of the 65th inspected the various companies.

After the inspection the companies formed fours and marched to the common outside the barracks in the following order:

Band of the 65th Battalion

Band of the Infantry School

B Company of Infantry, under Major Prevost

No 1 Company 65th Battalion, under Captain Robert

No 2 Co., under Captain Mason

No 3 Co., under Captain Villeneuve

No 4 Co., under Captain Roy

No 5 Co., under Captain G Villeneuve

No 6 Co., under Captain Giroux

No 7 Co., under Captain Labelle

The acting adjutant was Captain Ethier; quartermaster, A Laroch; surgeon, LA Pare; assistant surgeon, Dr Lalonde, and Captain Engelke, of the 6th Fusilliers

A feu de joie was fired at noon.

In the afternoon a military tournament took place, consisting of foot racing, tug of war, etc.; Major Dugas, Major Prevost and Capt. Coursol acted as judges.

At Chambly

The Montreal Cricket Club played the local club at Chambly and the South Eastern railway ran special trains there during the day.

Thousands visited the famous Highgate Springs by the Central Vermont excursion trains and a good time was had.

The excursion of the YM Society of the East End Methodist Church to St Hilaire was largely attended.  Upwards of 1500 persons visited Otterburn Park, and some 200 dined at the Iroquois House.

Over five hundred persons took advantage of the trip up the Ottawa to Carillon, afforded by the Ottawa River Navigation Company.