Montreal Daily Star, 19 January 1888, page 4

The Late WJ Whitehead

His close ~~~~ with the Canadian Cotton industry

The late WJ Whitehead, who died yesterday forenoon, at his residence “Rosemount” Summerhill Avenue, had been closely linked with the cotton manufacturing industry of this Dominion, and was most active and energetic in promoting the development of the business.  He was what might be said born with the genius for manufacturing.  Although not brought up to it in his early life, few if any knew better than he the minutest detail of the process from beginning to end.  He mastered everything that was connected with it: he was keen to see and had an intuitive knowledge of what ought and should be done.  His grasp of the business was really wonderful and was the surprise of his friends.  He had an indomitable spirit; no difficulty daunted him.  He was full of energy and industry, working early and late.  His first essay in manufacturing was at a small mill in the town of Hastings, Ontario.  From there he moved to Cornwall, as he felt that there would be a larger field there.  He superintended the building of the then Stormont Mill, which unfortunately was burnt soon after it commenced running.  Then he was for a time manager of the Canada Cotton Company’s mills, which position, he resigned to assume the management of the “Hochelaga Mills” and of which he has been the manager for some ten years past.  Since he became manager of these mills, they have grown under his care immensely, and are now about four times the size when he took charge.

Mr. Whitehead was a native of this city, having been born here in 1841.

He was a kind and indulgent husband and father and a sincere friend.

Mr Whitehead leaves behind him a wife and two children, a brother (Col Whitehead) and two sisters, who will have the sympathy of a large circle of friends.