Montreal Daily Star, 27 February 1888, page 3

Deaf Mutes

From the Mackay Institute give an interesting exhibition

Notwithstanding the frightful condition of the streets, the Victoria Rifles Armoury was filled, Saturday afternoon, with people who had come to witness the exhibition given by the pupils of the Mackay Institute, and not one of them went away disappointed.  The proofs of the success which the little ones had obtained in their endeavors to surmount the difficulties laid in their way by cruel fate were really wonderful.  Sir Donald Smith, MP, occupied the chair, and was accompanied to the platform by Rev Dr Norman, Messrs P Wolferstan Thomas, RW Shepherd, Charles Alexander, GS Durnford, secretary; Miss HE McGoun, superintendent; Miss Jessie MacFarlane and Miss LE Hunt, teachers.  The exercises were opened by all the pupils repeating the Lord’s Prayer by signs, after which there were exercises on the blackboard, recitations in the sign language, exercises in foreign languages and other features equally interesting.  Miss Goun, the superintendent, said that printing was done at the Institution for the purpose of educating the boys and to give them a better chance to earn a livelihood.  Sir Donald Smith in his remarks said that the Institution was worthy of the support of the citizens of Montreal and that great thanks were due to Miss McGoun, the superintendent, who so ably discharged the duties devolving upon her.

There were some excellent specimens of pupils’ work on exhibition, consisting of drawing, cooking, dressmaking, plain sewing, printing, cabinet and brushmaking.