Montreal Daily Star, 17 March 1887, page 4

St Patrick’s Day

This is a great day for Ireland.  Irishmen everywhere celebrate it heartily and joyfully, and almost everywhere they have with them the sincere sympathy of men of other nationalities.  Distance makes no difference in the way in which Irishmen celebrate St Patrick’s Day.  Irishmen in Montreal and Melbourne are to-day as intensely Irish as are the Irishmen of Cork or Dublin.  St Patrick’s Day 1887 is celebrated hopefully by Irishmen at home and abroad.  The cause which they have at heart is progressing favorably.  Never before did Irish subjects occupy so much of the world’s favorable attention; on no other St Patrick’s day was the sympathy with the Irish tenant and the Irish Home Ruler so lively and so general.  Their cause has been taken up by the greatest statesmen of the age and a strong and vigorous party has been formed, even in England, determined to advocate the right of the Irish people to free land and self-government until both are obtained.  Ireland’s enemies are bitter and active, it is true, but never before were her friends so numerous, so ardent and so powerful.  It is as certain as any thing on this earth can be that before the 17th of March 1888, the cause of Ireland will have advanced many strides towards its final triumph.