Montreal Daily Star, 17 March 1888, page 5

St Patrick’s Day

Bright, genial sunshine and blue sky favors Montreal Irishmen

The annual celebration this morning

Craig street was crowded this morning at nine o’clock in anticipation of the St Patrick’s Day procession, and the waiting multitude were patient, in spite of the sharpness of the cold.  But generally the weather was most propitious and nature smiled on the national day of Ireland.  The formation of the procession was late and it was after the hour named for the commencement of the Mass that the Marshal in chief, Alderman Kennedy, got his column on the move.  Many features of the procession were very pleasing.  The Hackman’s Union had an Irish jaunting car prettily decorated with an Irish harper performing with much skill “The wearing of the green.”  The banners were of the customary brilliance and the procession, though smaller than on some other occasions, was imposing and contained in its ranks most of the representative Irishmen of the city.  The following was the order in which the procession moved to St Patrick’s church.

The procession, marshaled by Ald P Kennedy, moved off in the following order:

Band- banner

The Montreal Hackmen’s Union and Benefit Society (mounted)

Congregation of St Gabriel


St Gabriel’s Total Abstinence and Benefit Society

Congregation of St Anthony’s Parish


St Anthony’s Young Men’s Society


Congregation of St Mary’s

Boys of St Bridget’s Christian Brothers’ Schools

Band- O’Connell’s banner

St Mary’s Total Abstinence and Benefit Society

Boys of St Ann’s Christian Brothers’ Schools

Congregation of St Ann’s


Shamrock Lacrosse Club

Band- flag

St Ann’s Young Men’s Society

Band- St Ann’s Banner

St Ann’s Total Abstinence and Benefit Society

Boys of St Lawrence Christian Brothers’ Schools

St Patrick’s Congregation

Band- flag

Irish Catholic Benefit Society

Band- banner

The Catholic Young Men’s  Society, with its Junior Branch, the Leo Club

Band- the Father Mathew Banner

St Patrick’s Total Abstinence and Benefit Society

The “St Bridget” banner

The St Patrick’s Society

The Mayor and Invited guests

The clergy

At the Church,

St Patrick’s church was handsomely decorated with banners and festoons of white lace and green silk, while the front of the organ gallery was inscribed in ornamental letters “Daniel O’Connell the Liberator of Ireland”.  The attendance was very large and before the procession arrived the seats were largely occupied.  When all attending had entered the church, large as it is, was densely packed.  The sanctuary was crowded with clergy and the Grand Mass was celebrated by the Right Rev Mgr Soule, assisted by the Grand Vicar Marechal.  The following were the other officiants: Deacon Rev JP Carroll; subdeacon Rev A McIntosh; First Master of Ceremonies, Rev A Barcelo; Second, Rev J Brady; Acolytes, Revs W Sullivan and J Dunn; Thurlfer, Rev J Morgan; Insignia bearers, Revrs R Brady, W Donohoe, G McGuire, P Long and A Carson; Familiarius, Rev J Hinchey, all of the Grand Seminary.

On the termination of the Mass, the procession re-formed and proceeded through some of the principal streets to St Patrick’s Hall.

This evening the Rev A Burns of Hamilton, will lecture in the Academy of Music under the auspices of the St Patrick’s Society, his subject being “Ireland’s defence of her claim for Home Rule.”  The Young Irishmen’s Literary and Benefit Society also give a concert, and the St. Ann’s Young Men’s Society have a dramatic entertainment.

Among those taking part in the procession this morning were the Hon. Messrs Mercier and McShane and Mr LO David, MPP, Mr Denis Barry, the President of the St Patrick’s Society accompanied them.

The sermon was preached by the Reverend Father McCallam, who ascended the pulpit about eleven o’clock, and took for his text Corinthians 4, 15, and 16.  “From his throne of glory,” he began, “does the great saint whose feast we celebrate today look down upon the magnificent gathering which meets my eye were  some of Canada, one in faith with their Irish brethren, participate in the joy which every Irish heart must feel and over which the eminent prelate from the Basilica of St Denis, the great patron of the chief city of France, at the especial request of our most beloved Archbishop, who is unavoidably absent, has deigned to preside.”  He then dwelt upon the well known history of St Patrick’s landing and miracles, and continued: “The Apostle Patrick asked us to keep the faith, and we have kept it.  Whatever our shortcomings, whatever our faults, whatever differences we have had on other matters, we have been a unit on faith.  The Irish have kept faith as a nation, though some individuals of that nation have proved unfaithful; let us keep on in this manner year after year, and when this building, raised by human hands, shall crumble to dust at the dawn of eternity, we shall live in that dwelling which time cannot destroy, for ever and ever.”

The music, under the direction of Prof. Fowler, was given by an effective choir, aided by Messrs G Gruenwald, senior and junior, and a powerful orchestra.  The mass was by Luzzani, Mr JP Ha~~~~ singing the baritone solos and Messrs ~~ Hewitt and JP Rowan, those for the ~~~~ Mr WE McCaffrey acted as ~~~ of the chorus.