Montreal Daily Star, 25 April 1887, page 4

Golden Jubilee

Influential meeting at St Patrick’s to arrange for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Fathers Dowd and Toupin.

A large and influential meeting of the parishioners of St Patrick’s congregation was held in the presbytery of the church yesterday to make arrangements for the celebration of the jubilees of Rev Fathers Dowd and Toupin.  Mr Edward Murphy occupied the chair, and Mr WJ O’Hara acted as secretary.  Among those present were: Dr Hingston, Messrs Owen McGarvey, MP Ryan, D Barry, W O’Brien, Ald Cunningham and many others.  Speeches were made by several gentlemen, all heartily approving of the object of the meeting, and speaking in terms of the utmost affection for the venerable pastor who has so long and faithfully watched over the large and constantly growing congregation of St. Patrick’s.   It was decided that a musical festival shall be held in Queen’s Hall on the 17th May, under the charge of St Patrick’s Choir, assisted by Mrs Page-Thrower, Mrs Seymour, Miss Crompton and other leading amateurs.  The religious celebration will be held in St Patrick’s Church on the 19th May, when addresses will be presented to both Fathers Dowd and Toupin.  A sum of money, now being subscribed for the purpose of lessening the debt of St Patrick’s Church will also be presented to Father Dowd.  Many Protestants, who hold the Rev Father in the highest esteem, have signified their intention of subscribing to this fund.  A banquet in the Seminary Hall will probably be held on the 19th.  A number of visiting bishops and priests from all parts of the country are expected to be present including many persons who were passengers with Father Dowd in the “City of Brussels,” returning from a pilgrimage to Rome, ten years ago.  Messrs W Notman & Son have offered to present large framed portraits to Rev Fathers Dowd and Toupin on the occasion.  Father Dowd completes the fiftieth year of his priesthood and the fortieth of his residence in Montreal.