Montreal Gazette, 25 May 1853, page 2

Yesterday was a glorious, bright day, genuine Queen’s weather, and a large crowd went out to the review ground.  The troops consisting of the XXth Regiment and the detachment of Royal Artillery in garrison here, reached the ground shortly after half-past eleven, and having been drawn up by the officers in command, awaited the arrival of His Excellency the Commander of the Forces.  The usual evolutions of the Review were gone through and a feu de joie was fired at noon, which was followed by three hearty cheers for Her Majesty, and the troops shortly after marched back to their barracks.—
We were glad to see so many people out enjoying the holiday, among whom we noticed a number of strangers.

In the evening the Fire Brigade turned out for its monthly drill, upon the water side, and were inspected by the Chief Engineer.