Montreal Daily Star,

Father Mathew's cure for alcoholism, 1888


Father Mathew was the father of the Irish temperance movement in the 1830s and 1840s.  He advocated pledges of temperance to stop the evil effects of alcohol.  I am not sure he would have approved of his name being linked with a medication which promised a cure, but you can see why he was used by the company.  He was a name that was prominent among Irish Catholics in Canada as well as Ireland for the cessation of drinking.  That he was already dead by this time, meant he couldn’t complain!

21 April 1888, page 2

The Father Mathew Remedy

The antidote to Alcohol

Found at last

A new departure

The Father Mathew Remedy

Is a certain and speedy cure for intemperance, and destroys all appetite for alcoholic liquors. 

The day after a debauch, or any intemperate indulgence, a single teaspoonful will remove all mental and physical depressions.

It also cures every kind of fever, dyspepsia, and torpidity of the liver, when they arise from other causes than intemperance.  It is the most powerful and wholesome tonic every used.

Sold by druggists- $1.00 per bottle.

When the disease is not strong, one bottle is enough; but the worst cases of delirium fremens do not require more than three bottles for a radical cure.

If your cannot get from your druggist the pamphlet on “Alcohol, its effects on the human body, and intemperance as a disease,” it will be sent free on writing to

S Lachance, Druggist

1598 and 1660 St Catherine St