Montreal Daily Star, 17 March 1886 page 4

St Patrick’s Day

The procession to St Patrick’s Church and the services there.

Shortly after nine o’clock this morning the various Irish societies of this city assembled at the corner of Craig and St Alexander Streets.  Here they formed in the following order for the march to the Church.

John Kennedy, Marshall in chief


Hackmen’s Union of Montreal on horseback

Congregations of St Gabriel and St Henri- Bad; flag.

St Gabriel’s Young Men’s Society- flag

St Gabriel Mutual temperance society

Congregation of the Parish of St Anthony- Band-Flag

Young Men’s Society of St Anthony- flag

Congregation of St Mary’s of the Christian doctrine

Christian Brothers’ pupils of St Bridget-Band; O’Connell Banner

Mutual total abstinence society of St Bridget’s

The pupils of the Christian Brothers of St Ann’s

Congregation of St Ann’s Parish- band; flag.

Society of the holy family- Band: flag.

St. Ann’s Young Men’s Society- band: flag.

Young Irishmen’s Literary and Benevolent Society- Band: St Ann’s banner

St Ann’s total abstinence and benevolent society

The pupils of the Christian Brothers’ school of St Lawrence Street

Congregation of St Patrick’s- band; flag

Irish Catholic Benevolent Society- music; flag

Catholic Young Men’s Society- band; banner

St Patrick’s Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society- St Bridget’s banner; band and banner

St Patrick’s Society- The mayor, invited guests and clergy

St Patrick’s Church is said to hold 8000 persons.  When the processionists and their friends were in, the church was filled to the doors.  The body of the church was very tastefully decorated with a multitude of green and white banners.  In the chancel the various shrines were ablaze with incense burning in many colored glasses.  Beautiful hot house flowers also abounded and gas jets and lighted candles.

A solemn High Mass was chanted by His Lordship Mgr Fabre.  Rev Father Leibfritz, CSSR officiated as assistant priest and Rev Fathers S~~~~ of St Gabriel’s Church and Donnelly, of the Bishop’s Palace, as honorary deacons, Rev Father Fitzpatrick as deacon, and Rev Father Rodrigue, as sub-deacon.  Among other clergy present were noticed Rev Fathers Dowd, Lonergan, Bray, Schleghing, Laliberte, Orban, Degnire, Ripoche and Trole.

The musical portion of the service (Mozart’s Twelfth Mass) was sung under the direction of Professor Fowler by a choir of seventy voices with full orchestral and organ accompaniment.  The principal soloists were Messrs WJ O’Hara, JP Hammell, J Heenan, FJ Green and MM Cloran.  During the offertory the choir sang the “Sancte Pater Patrick” adapted to the music of Ireland’s national anthem.

Rev Father Licking CSSR preached the sermon.

After mass the procession reformed on Radegonde street and marched ~~~~  ~~~~ streets, St James, Place d’Armes Square, back by Craig street and Victoria Square to St Patrick’s Hall on McGill street. 

Among those who attended mass the following were noticed: J McAfee, president, and P Walsh, secretary of the Hackman’s Union, J O’Neill, president and, and J Coller, secretary, St Gabriel’s Mutual Temperance Society, J Coffey, President and J Farrell, Secretary Young Men’s Society of St Anthony, M Loughman and D Keily, Secretary St Ann’s Catholic Young Men’s Society, D Macdonald, President and JJ Manning, secretary St Bridget’s TA and B society, E Halley, President and WJ Hinphy, secretary Young Irishmen’s Literary and Benevolent Society; P Reilly, President and J Hagan secretary, St Ann’s TA &B Society; A Jones, President and Jos McCann, secretary, Irish Catholic Benevolent Society; PF McCaffrey, President; and JH Neville, Secretary, Catholic Young Men’s Society; E Murphy, President and JJ Costigan, secretary St Patrick’s TA & B Society, and D Barry, President and S Cross, secretary St Patrick’s Society.

The route of the procession was gaily decorated with the bunting of all nations, green and white largely predominating.  Two very handsome evergreen arches were also erected one near St Mary’s Church on Craig Street and the other near the CPR depot on Notre Dame Street.