Montreal Daily Star, 29 February 1884, page 3


Rev. Dr. MacNish, the President, occupied the chair at the monthly meeting of the Celtic Society last evening.  Papers were read by Mr. Greig on the Britons, and Mr. JK Ward on the Isle of Man, its history, people, language and literature. An English translation of the Gaelic poem composed in honour of the formation of the Society was recited and also an original poem on the Falls of Niagara.  Professor J Stewart Blackie has given a copy of his “Language and Literature of the Scottish Highlands” to the Society and in a letter accompanying the gift the great author writes:- “ I am sorry that I can do nothing except send you one of my books which I do with great pleasure.  It is dispatched with this.  With respect to the Scottish Highlanders, MacKillop (the bard of the Montreal Society) is quite right- they are, in a great measure, to blame for not getting the Gaelic taught in the schools.  But they are over-ridden by strangers; fashion deludes and necessity compels.  They call their own language “common and unclean” (Acts X, 14); and whosoever presents himself to be kicked in this world, will surely get kicks enough.”