Montreal Gazette, 24 June 1851, page 3



June and Co.’s

Great Oriental Circus

This mammoth establishment, the largest in existence, and comprising more new and peculiar features than any other Equestrian Exhibition travelling,


Is now about making a brief tour through the British Provinces, and will exhibit in Woodstock, Brantford, Hamilton, Guelph, Galt, Georgetown, Streetsville, New Market, Markham, Toronto, Bowmanville, Oshawa, Cobourg, Port Hope, Preston, Belleville, ~~~~~, ~~~~~~, River Trent, Napanee, Bath, Kingston, ~~~~ Falls, Perth, Richmond, Bytown, Frenchtown, Killey Corners, Gananoque, Brockville, Rosters’ Tavern, Kemptville, Prescott, Williamsburg, ~~~~~b’s Landing, Cornwall, Lancaster, ~~~~ and Montreal, early the present summer.  Due notice will be given of its arrival in each Town.

The company on entering town will be preceded by the

Gorgeous Band Car,

Drawn by

Eight Syrian Camels,

Imported from Egypt at vast expense, expressly for this Establishment.  The performances will be found to comprise a greater variety of startling and attractive Establishments than have ever before been given by any single Troupe, for the excellent production of which, an unparalleled array of talent has been secured.

Among the most p~~~~~~ of the Andes attached to the Establishment, will be found the names of

Laverter Lee

The Great English Equilirist and Gymnast, and his talented children

Mrs Cole

The celebrated equestrienne from Astley’s, London, who will introduce her new style of Lady Equestriannism, entitled the Exercises of the manege.

M’lmle Caroline Sherwood

Who will introduce her great ~~~~~~~~~~

Messrs Macfarland and Sweet

The champion vaulters of the world:

Mr Lipman, the distinguished dramatic rider

Mr C Sherwood, the rapid rider

Mr Cole, the world-renowned contortionist

Mr. WR Derr

The celebrated trainer and ruling master, and ~~~~ noted performer of talent and reputation

John Gossin

The original and ~~~~ American clown, will appear on all his  laughable ~~~~~~


In the course of each performance the troup of Syrian camels will be ~~~~~ in a ~~~ magnificent ~~~~~~ which ~~~~~~~~  and ~~~~~~~

Caravan of the desert

Representing the modes of traveling in the East, and an encampment of war.