Montreal Transcript

7 July 1842, page 2


St George’s Chapel

The corner stone of this edifice will be laid on Friday next, the 8th inst. at eleven o’clock by the Lord Bishop of Montreal, assisted by a number of his clergy.  The building committee, the subscribers to the chapel and the parishioners of Christ’s Church generally, are invited to join in the procession, which will be formed at the house of NP Kurczyn, Esq., in the vicinity of the site of the Chapel, St. Joseph’s Street, Recollet Suburb.

Programme of the Procession and Ceremony

Parishioners- two abreast

Subscribers to the Chapel

Building Committee

The builders

Architect with the plans

The Clergy

The Bishop

On arriving at the foot of the ascent to the platform, the Procession will halt and form two lines, through which the Bishop will walk, followed by the Clergy, &c., inverting the first order of procession.

On arriving at the corner stone, the Rector of the Parish, in the name of the subscribers, will request his Lordship to lay the cornerstone; and, the Bishop, having signified his assent, the Rector will present him the deed of the lot, and the Architect will present the plans.  The sealed bottle, containing the inscription, &c., will then be presented by one of the committee to the Bishop, who will deposit it in the cavity of the stone.  The upper stone will then be laid- the hammer presented to the Bishop by the Builder- prayer.

Procession returns in the same order as before, to the place of departure, halting at the door, and forming two lines, &c.