Montreal Daily Star, 11 June 1884, page 3


St Jean Baptiste

The King’s Costume- General News


The rich costume for the king of the cavalcade has just been completed by Mr Beulian.  It consists in an imitation coat of mail made of cloth of gold, with polished steel greaves and elbow pieces.  The surcoat is of white satin with fleur de lys, with the red cross of the crusaders in the centre; the whole being adorned with an embroidery of gold and precious stones.  The belt is of crimson velvet with golden fleur de lys, and supports the sword which is of steel with golden hilt and velvet scabbard.  The regal robe is of blue silk velvet with gold fleur de lys, and is lined with ermine, being fastened on the shoulder by a gold cord finished with a heavy gold tassel.  The king will also wear a splendid gold collar, ornamented with precious stones, and the crown already described will complete his costume.  A movement is on foot to have the fountain on Victoria Square illuminated by calcium lights during each evening of the St Jean Baptiste celebration.

It is proposed to give signals of the progress of the procession by rockets, to be fired at the start, on reaching the east end and west end of the city respectively, and also at the close of the procession.

Mr. Baillarge, of Quebec, who has in his possession the flag of Carillon, has kindly consented to lend it for the day of the procession, the only condition being that while here it shall be deposited in some church or convent.  The old flag will be carried by Judge Chauveau.

The bakers have decided to attend the procession in a body if their employers will allow them to stay away from work on the night of the 25th.

Hon Mr JC Blanchet, Provincial Secretary, has accepted the invitation to take part in the procession.

Mr. Vincent Lacombe has just completed the design of a splendid arch to be built at the corner of St Catherine and Visitation streets by the citizens of that locality.  This arch, which will cost about $600, will be 60 feet high by 60 feet wide and will form a square facing on both sides of each street.  The structure will be gothic, with four turrets and a large dome in the centre, on the top of which will be placed a large statue of St Jean Baptiste.