Montreal Winter Carnival, 1880. Image from Canadian Illustrated News, NAC


Montreal Daily Star, 19 January 1884, page 3


The Winter Carnival

Interesting items in relation to the approaching event


Messrs Thomas Doherty & Co, tea importers, of no 33 St Sacrement street, agents for Messrs Chase and Sandborn’s (Boston, Mass) standard Java coffee, are about to erect a beautiful ice building on Dominion Square, adjacent to the Ice Palace, where the public will be served free with hot coffee during the Carnival week.

The official programme of each day’s events is now in the hands of the printers and will be published in a few days.

The electric wires are being placed in position for the illumination of the Ice Palace. 

A telegram, detailing the leading features of the Carnival, was sent out by the New York Associated Press on Thursday, and appeared yesterday in about 500 Western and Southern newspapers.

One of the features of the Carnival will be the grand ball given by the Master of the Montreal Hunt Club, Mr A Baumgarten is to give a ball at the Kennels on Tuesday evening, Feb. 5th.  His Excellency the Governor General and Lady Landsdowne have been invited and have already expressed their intention of being present.

Mr. Erastus Wiman, in a letter to the Secretary, expresses a wish that accommodations could be found in Montreal for 20,000 more visitors, as he is confident that the above number could be attracted to the Carnival.

Intelligence from Boston is to the effect that the interest manifested in the approaching carnival is increasing every day, and that the various railroad offices are daily besieged by seekers after information.

The secretary of the carnival committee has received a communication from Mr H Irwin enclosing a plan for a public toboggan slide on Fletcher’s Field, near the Landsdowne slide.  The writer suggests that the pronounced slide be thrown open to the general public and that it be erected by the Park Commissioners.