Montreal Transcript

2 December 1841

Mr. Sutton’s Guide to the study of Geography, a pamphlet of Geography from the press of Mr. Lovell, has just appeared.  We observe that Mr. Sutton has determined to remain in town during the winter, and will be engaged in Teaching, as well as in delivering Geographical Lectures.  Not having had opportunity of judging personally, we are unable to speak as to the merits of the system adopted, but notice, that recommendations from Charles Mondelet, Esq., Mr. Benjamin Workman, Mr. Alexander Workman, and Mr. Grafton, of Montreal, are published in the pamphlet, as well as from several ministers and teachers, who speak from observation of the excellence of the plan of instruction which Mr. Sutton follows out in his schools.  A Lecture on Geography will be delivered on Saturday evening next, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at the British and Canadian School Room.