The Montreal Transcript

28 April 1840



We noticed a short time since the general nonobservance of Her Majesty’s marriage, by the citizens of this commercial city.  We are glad to have it in our power to quote an exception to this general rule, in the shape of a ball and supper, given by the German Society at the Masonic Hall.  The German inhabitants of this province have always been remarkable for their loyalty, of which they never made a more natural, a fitter, or a more liberal display than on the evening of Friday last, in honour of Her Majesty’s marriage with Prince Albert.  The company was numerous, the arrangements and the supper capital, the health of the Queen Victoria was drank with the most lively enthusiasm, after which that of her noble consort, in the same spirit of loyalty; and the company did not separate until the daylight of Saturday began to dispute for the mastery with the candles.