Irish Vindicator

13 March 1835

St Patrick’s Dinner- Every one has heard of the Frenchman who had learned from Johnson’s Dictionary, that oats were in Scotland the food of men, and in England the food for horses, and who consequently felt a great curiousity to attend a meeting called for the consumers of oats, in order that he might witness with what decorum a meeting between Scotch men and English horses would be conducted. Now we do not have believe such a meeting would be one half as ludicrous as the assemblage of Tories and Orangemen who intend to dine in honor of St Patrick on Tuesday, at the Theatre. Oh! These Tories are good at a trick. An Irishman dining at that table will have to wash himself many times before he becomes a true Irishman. The ladies they say are to look down from the boxes. We hope the women will decline the invitation. A drunken debauch is not a scene for ladies’ eyes.