Punch in Canada

2 June 1849

Great Banquet

Mr. John Tully, on his confidential appointment to secret service, entertained a select part at his castle in Griffintown.  We observed that Mr. Lafontaine was absent, he having differed with his colleagues as to the propriety of the appointment, and was “too disgust” to attend.  It was reported that the Hon. Inspector General was present; but as he was in New York at the time, we can scarcely think it probable.  Mr. Blake came armed with an offensive tongue but harmless pistols, and Mr. Drummond wore his celebrated pumps with iron heels, in which he is wont to perform his favourite dance upon the Queen’s Commission.  Dr. Dill, who had just arrived as a deputation from the inmates of the Provincial Penitentiary, with an address expressing their approbation of the Governor General’s conduct and their entire and unlimited confidence in his Ministry, was an honored guest; and declared, that to support the cause, he would do anything or anybody.  Every arrangement was made to do honor to the Press, and at a late hour in the evening, the Minerve was sent home on a stretcher; which, we regret to say, is not an unusual occurrence.  The Banquet passed with no disturbance, excepting a slight quarrel got up by Mr. Blake, but as that was expected, it excited no surprise.  Everybody was toasted, and, of course, everybody was drunk, and the guests returned to their homes delighted with the beer and benevolence of the future Wellington of Canada.