Montreal Transcript

9 March 1847

 St David’s Ball

St David, who, though the patron of Britons the most ancient, has been quite overlooked by Montrealers in the brotherhood of the saints, was honored on his anniversary (Monday eve) by a ball and supper given at Mayo & Flagg’s Exchange, in a style equal to any, and superior to most things of the kind got up this season.  The assemblage of ladies, mostly young, and all looking so, appeared to have been studiously selected from the most beautiful of the city, and in point of tasteful dress they were all perfection.  In the matter for which they were met- dancing- we could only wonder where so many were found so accomplished in the art.  Maffre’s band appeared really inspired by the graces their music brought into action, and, with little intermission, kept the whole in motion till many hours “ayount the twal.”  Not could anything exceed the excellent order maintained by the managers, throughout, in all things.  The ball-room, tastefully decorated with festoons of evergreens, mirrors, flags, and banners of national societies, was brilliant in itself.  And then the supper- the sight alone was a feast- such delicacies, and such profusion- more like the displays we read of in fairy tales, than any thing usually given to mortals, either to witness or enjoy.  Truly, the Old Exchange Coffee House is in good hands, for Messrs Mayo and Flagg proved themselves masters of their profession, and all beneath their roof on the eve of St. David’s day will long remember it as one of the most brilliant and agreeable in their lives.