Punch In Canada

3 February 1849


Female Wisdom

The feminine dragons of propriety who presides over the destinies of the Ladies Benevolent Society refused a donation of £25, (a sum which Punch has for years considered fabulous) from the Committee of the Odd Fellow’s Ball, because it was the produce of “Promiscuous dancing,”- at least this was the reason alleged.  It is odd in these times to offer such gifts, but to refuse them is odder.  The Odd Fellows met with Odd Females.  Let Punch ask these paragons if they always put odd questions to those who wish to give; as to how they became possessed of the money they are giving away.  If they do, it is odd, indeed, if they do not get odd answers.  Let none for the future send cash or debentures to the benevolent ladies without a certificate how it was procured, and will the ladies inform us what of the world’s money getting ways they object to.  Would they accept of California gold or of the profits of Punch?