Montreal Pilot

3 January 1845

We regret to say that two soldiers of the 93rd Regiment acted in a most outrageous manner in Griffintown last evening.  At rather an advanced hour they went into the shop of Mr. P Brennan (whose premises, will be recollected, were recently destroyed by the military and LPS) and demanded liquor, and upon the person in attendance refusing to give them any, they entered into a violent tirade against him and the Irish generally of this city- said that “the three Irishmen in gaol would be hanged and those out on bond would be transported, and if not that they (the soldiers) would burn Brennan’s house to ashes.”  Such was the alarm their conduct excited that Mr. Brennan felt it necessary to guard his premises during the night.  This it must be confessed is unusual conduct on the part of subordinate military men; but when we consider that it was the 93rd Regiment that was called upon to assist the LPS’s in the late violent assault and plunder of Mr. Brennan’s house, and when we, moreover, remember that upon that occasion, Corse, the Magistrate, was heard to say, by the Military as well as others, “Brennan, it is good enough for you, you have been a long time earning it,” when we say, these memorable circumstances are considered it cannot be wondered at that Mr. Brennan is a marked man and that an identity of feeling towards him exists among the civil and military Tories of our city. But Mr. Brennan and Mr. Corse, will both get justice- ay as true as the light that shineth- and we would advise those whom it may concern to attend to the behaviour of the military of Montreal, high and low,- as such conduct has been recently exhibited cannot and will not be endured.  We have received information that leads us to believe that the LPS’s are endeavouring to provoke another disturbance in Griffintown.

[LPS denotes Loyal Protection Society]