Montreal Transcript

28 September 1843

We are given to understand, by a gentleman of the Jewish faith, that a German and Polish Synagogue is about to be erected in this city, by voluntary subscription, for that body, which is both numerous and respectable.  The Sacred Scroll, comprising five books of Moses, written on vellum in the Hebrew characters, has been purchased by that community, from a gentleman of New York,- and also a piece of land for the burial ground.  This united and spirited body only commenced their operations last week, so as to enable them to perform their religious duties on their new year, which commenced with them on Sunday evening.

Too much praise cannot be awarded to the heads of such an enterprising undertaking; it goes far to shew that the Jews as well as Christians, imbibe both religious and independent principles.  A subscription list for the aid of this congregation will be open to our fellow citizens at the offices of M. Moses, treasurer and secretary; A.Lyons, president, and at Moss & Brothers, St. Paul Street.  Communicated.