Montreal Transcript

4 August 1842

We have received a communication from “An Irishman” relative to the alleged refusal to employ Irishmen as labourers on the Beauharnois Canal, from —— we make the following extracts.  It would be well if particular cases had been stated and names given, so that inquiry might be made into a matter so deeply interesting to a large class of able and willing labourers:-

“Having heard from different individuals that Irishmen are refused employment on the Beauharnois Canal, I made some enquiries as to the accuracy of the reports, and have ascertained that such is unfortunately too true.  Yes, sir, my countrymen have been and are refused work, because they are Irishmen!  Canadians with good farms, residing in and near Beauharnois, have been employed, while poor Irish emigrants, with large families of half famishing children, are refused employment.  It is enough to make a person’s blood boil with indignation, to see the preference given to emigrants from other parts of Great Britain over Irishmen, merely because of their origin.”