Giving the prizes at the Minworth Bowls, 1977.

Saturday, 12th November 1977

Minworth Bowls Celebration

Over 100 members, guests and officials attended Minworth’s Social Club’s bowling section’s annual presentation night on Saturday.

Guest of honour was the bowling section’s president, Norman Paulin, who over the years has been a keen friend and supporter of the club’s sections covering the sports of bowls, football and angling.

Mr. Paulin was introduced to the company by the Chairman of the bowls section John Ford, who was accompanied by the secretary Ray Bostock.

Mr. Paulin said he was happy to know that the bowling section had been able to keep going under the severe strain of having had no home green, but was glad to hear that the renovation work being carried out would ensure that all would be well for the opening of season 1977-78.

Mr. Paulin said to win the championship of the Sutton Thursday League Division Three with all their home fixtures being played at either Erdington or Aston based green’s was no mean feat and he congratulated the club’s skipper Wally Hassell and his colleague’s in bring the trophy back to Minworth Social.

Mr. Paulin presented the trophy and personal awards to the following members: Ray Bostock, John Ford, Wally Hassell, Arthur Ford, Danny Hebden, John Jeffs, Alfred Pritchard, Tommy Thornton, Dave Haden, Charlie Sharpe, Joe Haden, Im Stubbins, Steve Turner and Sonny Hasson.

Mr. Paulin also presented the Alderman Smallwood Trophy to Dave Haden, together with aggregate awards to Danny Hebden (Saturday League) and John Jeffs (Thursday League).

Secretary Ray Bostock thanked Mr. Paulin for his attendance and informed him that all the members were looking forward to the upcoming season and gave an open invitation to supporters of the sport to join them.  If sufficient members are available then it would be possible to launch a second team, Mr. Bostock added.