Evening Mail, 1981

Evening Mail, 11 February 1981, page 9


Grandad rejoins the Army – for a day


Ex-Sergeant back on parade


Eighty four year old Norman Paulin got fell-in when he went to see the modern Army at work.

Ex-Sergeant Paulin said it was like stepping into a different world in comparison with the days when he joined up.

Mr Paulin was given VIP treatment at St. George’s Barracks Sutton Coldfield, after four schoolchildren wrote to the Army asking if he could pay a visit.

Accompanying the granddad soldier on the trip were the four children who organised the visit, Cathy Battye, John Daniels, Duncan Fairbrother and Joanne Simms, all pupils at Walmley Church of England Middle School.

They met him when they visited a luncheon club for the elderly at The Oaks, in Berryfields Road, Sutton Coldfield.