Sutton Coldfield News, 1981.
Sutton Coldfield News, 1981.

Sutton Coldfield News, 13 February 1981


Back to the Parade Ground


When old soldier Mr. Norman Paulin reminisced about his army days, he had no idea that soon he would be back on the parade ground.

But on Tuesday, in true “Jim’ll Fix It” style, 84 years old- Mr. Paulin was given lunch and escorted round St. George’s Barracks so he could compare army life today with that of over 60 years ago.

His visit was arranged when four pupils of the Deanery Schools in Fox Hollies Road wrote off to the Barracks to ask if Mr. Paulin could have a look round.

The four, Duncan Fairbrother (11), John Daniels (11) Joanna Simms (12) and Cathy Battye (11), learned that Mr. Paulin had been in the army when they visited the Oaks Luncheon Club.

Mr. Paulin joined the army in December 1916 and served in the King’s Liverpool Regiment and the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.  He was a drill instructor and a weapon training instructor in the Infantry or the ‘footsloggers’ as Mr. Paulin called them.

Mr. Paulin was in the army for three and a half years during the First World War and continued serving after the armistice.

“I had been going past the Barracks for years and I always thought I’d like to have a look round and see what the modern army is like,” said Mr Paulin.

“I wanted to look round from a nostalgic point of view to see how much it had changed.”

Mr Paulin and his four young companions were met by Colonel B Brown and shown round by the Regimental Sergeant Major, Chris Day.

They were all given lunch at the Barracks and all agreed that it would be a day to remember.