Montreal Daily Star, 21 January 1882, page 2



Will you please tell me, 1st, how do we eat bananas, at table, with a spoon or with a fork?  2nd.  How do we each peaches canned with stones in?

Ans- Bananas are eaten with a silver knife and fork, they should be peeled and then cut into small pieces.  Canned peaches, unstoned, may be eaten with a spoon and fork.


What would be the proper way of acknowledging the receipt of wedding cards from a distance where one would scarcely be expected to attend, on account of distance, but would like to show some recognition and appreciation of the invitation.  Would my visiting card be proper returned?

Ans- If the cards to which subscriber refers are written in the form of an invitation, of course the answer must be acknowledged in writing as nearly as possible in the same words.  If, however, the cards are simply such as used for visiting purpose, it is optional whether they are acknowledged or not.  In the case in question where a sincere regard appears to exist, it would be good taste to send a note of congratulation and kind wishes.  Do not, however, return, a visiting card.


Is it bad taste for a gentleman who is fond of dancing to dance through an entire waltz or may he take it for granted that if his partner is tired she will say so?

Ans- AM had better find out if his partner entertains his own ideas on the subject of dancing before proving himself so indefatigable.  It seems to be the practice of many dancers to commence with the music and to struggle on to the end of the dance; thus each to a certain extent spoils the enjoyment of the other.  If, however, the plan of the more considerate dancers were adopted and instead of a continual rush there might be a few moments devoted to rest and conversation, material benefit would be derived by all, not to mention the decided improvement that such a practice would make in the appearance of those dancing.