Montreal Daily Star, 9 July 1928, page 6




Caledonian Society Celebrates 73rd Year of Games


Highland Dancing


Bagpipes Competition and Sports Were Keenly Contested


Saturday last was an unofficial Scots day marked by a long list of competitive events in Highland costume held under the auspices of the Caledonian Society in Dominion Park.  These events numbering 34 in all, formed the program of the 73rd annual Caledonian Games.


Keen competition marked all the numbers of the program and especially the dance numbers of which there were Highland flings, sword dances, Irish jigs, and sailors’ hornpipes.  Both boys and girls were garbed in picturesque Highland costumes.


The bagpipe competitions formed one of the most interesting events.  Several pipers entered the competition and were heartily applauded by the crowd of onlookers.


The gathering of the clans was marked by the large number of family groups.  Fathers and mothers, with little children and big lunch baskets settled down on the green sward to make a real picnic day out of the affair.


Pipers Competition


The first event of the list was the pipers’ competition of strathspey and reel.  Piper McDonald came first and J Smith and Orr second and third winning prizes of $15, $10 and $7 respectively.


Pipers of the Royal Highlanders of Canada competed in the two-part match, with Piper McKechnie winning the first prize followed by Coutts and Laurie.  The prizes were $12, $8 and $5.


In the Highland costume event Dorothy Beattie was adjudged the best dressed girl in Highland costume with Marjorie O’Neill a close second.  In the boys contest the winners were E. McShane and Lloyd MacBeth.


E. McShane also was the winner of the RB Clarke cup in the Highland fling competition.  This was for both boys and girls.  Medals were awarded to Joyce Summers and Kathleen Christopher. 


Boys and girls between the ages of six and 10 competed in another Highland Fling number.  The winners were May McShane, Alyce Summers and Rita West, to whom medals were awarded.  In a similar event for boys and girls under 16 years, Rita Tiffany and Dorothy Beattie were adjudged winners and in the final Highland fling number for those in the 10 to 14 year old competition prizes were won by Lillian Robertson, Ina Wright and Nora Pratt.


In the sword dance numbers, Rita Tiffany, Dorothy Beattie and Grace West were winners in the class, for boys and girls under 16 years, and Jessie Hogg, Mary Allan and Mavis McKenzie were also awarded medals in a similar contest for those between the ages of 10 and 14 years. 


Shean trews, an open event for boys and girls under 16 years, was won by Rita Tiffany, Dorothy Beattie and Ina Wright.  Medals were awarded.


Sailor’s Hornpipe


The sailors’ hornpipe and the Irish jig event for those under 16 years, showed as medal winners, Rita Tiffany, Lois McGilp and Dorothy Beattie in the first, and Rita Tiffany, Mavis McKenzie and Dorothy Beattie in the second contest.


Putting the 10 pound shot, for boys under 16 was won by Fred Christopher, with Bob Campbell as a close second.


The running long jump competition was won by J. O’Neill and WJ Mentabone, and Douglas Dettmer and Bob Campbell were winners in the 16 years and under class.  In the running high jump open, WA King and AJ Colby were winners in a first event, and Robert Campbell and Douglas Dettmer in the second.


In quoits, a former champion of Scotland was beaten by DR MacDonald of the Montreal Quoiting Club, with R Lindsay F Smith and William Cullen of Ormstown, running close.


Winners in the 100 yards race for sons of members under 16 years of age, were Douglas Dettmer and Bob Campbell.  JM McKetchennety, J O’Neill and J Epstein won in an open event.


The 220 yard dash for Highland cadets in drill order, was won by Douglas Dettmer and Bob Campbell.  In the 440 yard heat, WJ Montabono and WA King came first and second.


Vickers Troop Won.


The Vickers Troop won the relay race for Boy Scouts under 18 years, receiving the Ross and Greig Cup, with medals for the runners up.


The senior barrel road race was won by George Barrie, well-known runner, who travelled from Dominion Park in 33 minutes and 60 seconds.  The Montreal Star Annual Challenge Cup and a gold medal were awarded to him, while C. Ruotsalainen was given a gold medal.  Silver medals were awarded to FJ Pogson, AG O’Donnell and O Otterwell.


The Rutherford Cup for the one mile Junior Harrier Club race for boys under 18 years, was won by RG Sampson, with W Aubrey and JH Kennedy next in line.


Lieut.-Col Stevenson’s Perpetual Cup for championship in Highland dancing was awarded to Lizzie Macleod after a close competition by a number of entrants.


RB Clarke’s Perpetual Trophy for novice championship in Highland dancing was won by E. McShane.


Rita Tiffany won the Birks Cup for juvenile Highland dancing.