Ad for Jergens Soap, Chatelaine Magazine, 1936.
Ad for Jergens Soap, Chatelaine Magazine, 1936.



December 1936, page 24


Cupid Froze at the touch of her Chapped Rough Hands!


But a few days later he melted.


Only soft, appealing hands can light the flame of love.  But how can a girl keep her hands exquisite when cold weather cracks the skin and water roughens and coarsens it?

Easily enough with Jergens Lotion!  Even though the mercury drops.  Even though you wash your hands 5 times a day and have them in water at least 8 times more, as recent tests revealed!

For Jergens penetrates the deeper skin cells, quenching their thirst, overcoming their dryness.  Compared with other leading lotions tested, Jergens goes into the skin faster, more thoroughly.  Its fine emollients and two special softening ingredients make rough, red hands quickly smooth and white again!

Keep Jergens in bathroom, kitchen and office.  Use it whenever your hands have been in water, always after exposure to cold.  Then your hands will have the tender softness that brings love!


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