P and G soap ad, 1936, Chatelaine magazine.
P and G soap ad, 1936, Chatelaine magazine.


February 1936, page 63


Rub my streaks ‘til your back aches – Timmy’s Blouse- perspiration stains greasy streaks

You can’t get my spots clean- Bathroom towel- hands wiped clean


No more washday nightmares now!

Save rubbing on extra-dirty spots!  Two special ingredients in P and G Soap get grimed-in dirt out fast!


Does rubbing- rubbing- rubbing make washday a “nightmare” for you?  Then- you need P and G Naphtha Soap.  It’s a marvelous rub-saver – made with two special ingredients to work deep under the greasy dirt…. Lift it out in a hurry!

Special suds-builder in P and G– the same rich tropical oil used to make shampoo soaps extra lathery- extra quick to dissolve grease.  It makes tiny, tight bubbles that work harder than big, weak, watery bubbles.

Special dirt-loosener in P and G– helps soften the water- actually helps the suds remove the dirt faster.

Test P and G on neckbands, cuffs, dirt-stained towels.  Rub these hard to clean places with P and G.  concentrate this good rich soap on the concentrated dirt . . . it works faster than just plain soapy water can!  Roll up to soak a few minutes.  Now- just a touch of rubbing gets every neckband clean, spotless.  White as fresh snow!

Try P and G Naphtha- even though you use a machine, it still saves you rubbing.  Saves extra rinsing, too- because it cuts down that hard-water soap-scum that turns clothes gray.  White, easy-rinsing P and G Naphtha gets clothes whiter!

Amazing economy!  One rich, sudsy cake of P and G does over a hundred piece wash!  But it costs only a few cents!  Stock up on P and G White Naphtha Soap today!  It stays fresh- for months!  Ready with fast, grease-dissolving suds that make short work of dishes and cleaning!


Mothers! Don’t wear yourself out rubbing stubborn spots over and over again!  Use P and G Naphtha Soap, it’s a scientifically made with two special ingredients to penetrate deeper- dissolve grease- make dirty spots vanish!


Easy on hands- Fast for dishes.