Montreal Daily Star, 9 August 1884, page 2



Is there considered to be any rule with regard to what may be called the etiquette of borrowing and lending books?  A short time ago a seaside novel was lent to me, and during my possession it got somewhat pulled about.  As the acquaintance who lent it to me was a new and a slight one, I thought it better to procure a new copy and return it.—The observation was made that as many people preferred keeping “their own” books, that the old one should have been returned.  What is your opinion?  Susan

Ans.- There are many people who are positively attached to “their own” books, and look upon them as dear friends, but such valued works are not generally lent to casual acquaintances.  We think you were right in what you did in the matter of a “seaside novel.”


Will you help us decide in some way on the following matter:- When two sisters are to be married on the same day and in the same place (one will be a future resident there) what is best to be done with regard to wedding presents to them?  Of course the same kind cannot be given to both of the future brides, and yet there should be no difference made as to the real value of the gifts.  Was it ever your experience to be at a double wedding , and what arrangement was made with regard to the double wedding gifts?  By sending us any information you will oblige- Two Sisters.

Ans- We have never been present as a guest at a double wedding, and, therefore, cannot give any information.  All we have in our power to suggest, is what we have derived from the observations of others who have been present on such occasions.  It would be unnecessary and illjudged to present duplicate offerings to each sister.  It is better to run the risk of being a little more generous in expenditure towards one.  In the present case as one of the brides is to reside elsewhere, there would be no objection to a similarity in some of the wedding gifts. There are certain things always useful in every household, especially in that of a newly married couple, and these may be presented to each of the brides.