Ad for Robert Simpson, Montreal, 1930.
Ad for Robert Simpson, Montreal, 1930.

Montreal Gazette

15 January 1930, page 3


The occasion governs the length of the skirt

This “long-skirt controversy” is “Much ado about nothing.”  The really smart woman considers the hour and the occasion, and, as the day lengthens, so do her skirts.


For Sports and street

Skirts are a hand’s breath (three to four inches) below the knee.

Sketched- the wool crepe sports ensemble in Casaba (pinky-beige).  Dress has the new cap sleeves and higher waistline.  Size 16.  At 59.50


For Informal Afternoons

Skirts are twelve to fifteen inches from the ground.

Sketched- the black flat crepe dress for less formal afternoon wear.  Note higher waistline, frilled neckline and skirt length.  Size 14.  At $55.


For Dinner or “Sunday Nights”

Ankle length- for very formal afternoons, Sunday night supper, restaurant dining and dancing.

Sketched- beige chiffon gown with the new sleeve fullness and tight inner cuff of lace.  Size 40 at $89.50.


For “Grand Occasions”

Skirts trail gracefully right down to the toes.

Sketched- New York model evening gown in “boy blue” (one of the new brighter-than-navy tones) chiffon.  Size 40.  At $115.


The Robert Simpson Montreal Limited

Formerly the John Murphy Company.