Montreal Daily Star, 7 August 1885, page 2.
Montreal Daily Star, 7 August 1885, page 2.


Montreal Daily Star, 7 August 1885, page 2

Montreal Driving Park

Something New, Realistic, Grand

Six afternoons only, commencing Aug. 16th

Gates open at 1, performance at 3.30pm

Rain or shine

First time in Canada

The greatest novelty at the ~~~~~~~~

Buffalo Bill’s

Wild West

The following are a few of the numerous features:

The renowned Sioux chief

Sitting Bull

And staff, White Eagle and 52 braves

The one-legged Sioux spy, Frisking Elk

The Great Markswoman from the western border, Miss Annie Oakley

Largest herd of Buffalo ever exhibited.

Grand Indian Buffalo hunt, known as the “Surround.”

The phenomenal boy shot, Johnny Baker, Cowboy Kid, Set Clover, the unequalled Cowboy shot, shooting at marbles, half dollars and nickels.

Mustang Jack, the Champion Jumper, jumping over a horse 18 ½ hands high.

Buffalo Bill will shoot at clay pigeons from traps; also  with revolver, rifle, on foot, and on horseback at full speed at glass balls.

Buck Taylor, King of the Cowboys, in novel equestrianism, lassoing wild cattle.

Yellow Hand’s death by Buffalo Bill.

Bucking horses.

Seven grand battle scenes, similar to Fish Creek, Cut Knife, and Batoche.

Music furnished by the famous cowboy band.  We fulfill every promise.

Cody de Salsbury, Proprietors.

Admission 30c, children 25c

Grand Street parade, at 10 am, Monday August 10th.