Underwood Continuous Fold Machine ad
Underwood Continuous Fold Machine ad



Globe and Mail, 12 May 1924, page 5

Saves the time of the typist

Wherever manifold copies are required, up to twelve in number, the Underwood Continuous fan-fold Machine will save time, muss and trouble.

Making manifold copies in the ordinary way is slow, because of the time required to arrange the carbon sheets and paper.


Continuous Fan-Fold Machine

Feeds both the paper and the carbon sheets automatically.

It makes twelve copies as quickly as one. The machine is always ready. After writing each sheet, one motion of the lever throws the carbon back into place for the next set of sheets. For orders, invoices, memos- any sort of duplicating, it gives unique service. The carbon is not touched by the hands; it does not soil the typist’s fingers. The work comes through clean and well printed to the last copy.

The Underwood Continuous Fan-Fold Machine costs little more than an ordinary typewriter. It uses only half as much carbon. Fan-fold forms cost no more than ordinary forms.

If you have manifolding in your business, you would be interested in seeing this machine at work.

We will bring it to your office without any obligation on your part. Phone our nearest office.

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