Montreal Daily Star, 1 September 1884, page 2


Scotland for Ever


The Caledonian Society’s Sports


The following competitions took place after going to press on Saturday:-

Running high jump- EW Johnston, 5 feet 8 inches, $5; Bethune 5 feet 5 ½ inches, $4, A Millar, 4 feet 10 inches, $2.


Mile race, open- Raine and Gallagher started well together, the latter soon leading.  Raine ran very tamely until the last quarter, when he put on a spurt and won easily.  Time 4.46 ¾.  First prize, $15; $10 second.


The running long jump brought out five contestants.  There were three prizes- $8, $4 and $2.  Bethune, 19.02; Millar, 18.11; Platt, 18.10; Newton, 18.07; John Bryson, 18.01.

Running hop, step and jump- Platt, 41.11; A Millar, 40.11; Newton, 40.9; Prizes $8, $4, and $2.


Mile race, amateur- R Wynn fed nearly to the last quarter, when Moffat went ahead and won after a tight race.  Time 4.50.  Wynn second.  The prizes were two medals.

Highland fling in costume- W Virtue, (Campbell plaid) first; D McBeth (Lorne tartan) second; A Niven (Stuart plaid), third. 


Best dressed boy, Highland costume, special prizes- C Dugld, AH Vallent, B Joly, F Joly.

Chille Callum, Highland costume- C Allan, D McBeth, A Niven.

One hundred yards dash for members of the society- Newton 1st, Millar 2nd, Special prizes.


Quarter mile race, for members of the society- Newton 1st, Millar 2nd, Special prizes.


Quarter mile race for members of the British Association- The starters were Dr Wanless and Captain Bedford Pim.  The prize was the Caledonian Gold medal, won by Captain Pim.  The race attracted more interest than any other event in the list.  The two veterans who started  ~~~~~~ arctic explorers.  Both appeared evenly matched, and after the start for about a hundred yards the running was even.  After a severe contest Captain Pim finally gained the goal, which he reached amid the cheers of the spectators.


Tug of war 12 seamen and 12 Caledonians.  The mariners were from the “Parisien” under boatswain John Campbell.  The Caledonians succeeded in pulling the sons of Neptune twice over the mark.


Mile Indian race- Hemlock first, 4.43, $15; White Eagle, second, $10; Lefebvre third.


Potatoe race- A Millar first, AJ Drummond, second, J Platt, third.  The winner fainted at the conclusion of the race, and was assisted from the field.

Shetland pony race- Alexander McGibbon’s Lady Macdonald first, ridden by Willie Grant; WA McGibbon’s Mountain boy second.  Special prizes.


Half mile race, amateur- Moffat first, John Kermode second.  Two medals.


Quarter mile race, for members of the Royal Scots- W Kerr, no. 6 Company; W Bailey, no 1 Company.  Medals.


Boys race, under 12- F Herbert, J Scanlan, E Sykes. Special prizes.


Squaw race, 150 yards- this was a most amusing race.  Four Indian girls, ranging from 9 to 12 years of age, dressed in white, with red trimming, contested.  Miss White Eagle came first, Miss Rice second, and the second Miss White Eagle third.


Hurdle sack race- J Burtchall, $5; F Brownhill, $3; R Campbell $2.


Two mile bicycle race- Peloquin and Gnaedinger, 20 seconds start; EP Guy 15 seconds; Farquharson at scratch.  Peloquin dropped out on the seventh lap.  Guy first, Gnaedinger second, Farquharson third.  Three medals.


The wheelbarrow race, blindfolded, ended in a dispute, and was to be settled at a future time by the judges.  Platt claimed first place as also did Bethune.


Up to this time the weather had continued remarkably fine but at the conclusion of the above race the clouds loomed up in an ominous manner, and many people left the grounds, others rushing to the rooms where an impromptu presentation was made to Captain Pim of the prize he had won by the President, Mr James Wright.  A few appropriate speeches were then made by Mr JJ Curran, MP, Lieut-Colonel Stevenson and others, and this most remarkable day was brought to a conclusion.