Scottish Societies Arch, Montreal, 1878, from the Canadian Illustrated News.
Scottish Societies Arch, Montreal, 1878, from the Canadian Illustrated News.

Montreal Daily Star, 27 November 1878




The towers of the arch in Dominion Square have been erected, and the structure is to be completed by Thursday night.  The arch will represent the entrance to a baronial castle in ancient days.  The motto over the centre arch will be the “St. Andrew’s and Caledonian Societies” tribute to Lorne and Louise.”  Over the sidewalk arches will be placed with the legends, “Welcome Noble Scion of Argyll,” and “Welcome Daughter of our Beloved Queen.”  The arms of the house of Argyll will be emblazoned above the centre motto, and on the platform above, Pipers Campbell, McNeil, Sinclair and Weir will play “The Campbells are Coming.”  On the other side of the arch the mottoes will be repeated in Gaelic.  Fireworks are to be sent up from the towers in the evening.  The arch is to be lighted with gas, or lime and other lights.  The Corporation arch will also be very handsome.




The Post-office will be ornamented with a large crown, a St. Andrew’s Cross and the initials “LL” in gas jets.  Next to it, the Bank of Montreal, will be ablaze with wax candles and gas.  In addition to the words in Gaelic there will be two large colored transparencies, representing the arms of the Royal Family and the House of Argyll.  There will also be a large crown in gas jets.  At the




The hurrying too and fro of officials the music from the hammers of the gas fitters, and the general bustle surrounding the building, betokens preparation on a grand scale.  The City Hall will be shown off to its best advantage, with its gas jets and wax candles, and as a representative building of Montreal, will, no doubt impress the royal party.




The Court House will not be illuminated to any great extent, although it will look very well with its large crown and mottoes.  The Montreal Telegraph Company’s building will have an electrical light and will be otherwise beautified.  The Merchants Bank will be one blaze of magnificence.  Gas jets will twine around the pillars of the handsome structure, and the words “Lorne” and “Louise” will appear on either side of the face of the building.  The following buildings will be decorated on an extensive scale:- Bank of British North America, City Gas Company, St. James Club, Ottawa Hotel, Albion Hotel, Minerve, Gazette and Herald, and other journals in this city.  A great many private dwellings will be illuminated on Sherbrooke, St. Catherine, Dorchester, Beaver Hall Hill and other streets; in fact, there will be a general illumination of the city on a style of magnificence seldom witnessed here.




The children of St. Andrew’s school will be stationed on Beaver Hall Hill, and will sing “God Save the Queen” as the royal party passes.  The following students of McGill College were nominated as a reception committee yesterday:– Messrs HH Weed, AB Chaffee, Jr., F Weir, and K McPherson, for the arts.  Messrs Morkill, WF Robertson, F Drummond and George Stephens for the Science.




No answer has been, as yet, received from Genl. Sir Edward Selby Smythe in regard to whether there will be a grand review of the volunteers at the Windsor Hotel or on the Champ de Mars.  It is quite possible, however, that the ~~~orders will be adopted.  As previously reported, the Prince of Wales Rifles will furnish the guard of honor at Bonaventure Station, while ~~ men of various corps will keep order on the platform, an dwill be ~~~~ed in line around the part reserved for the reception of the party.  A guard of honor from the Victoria Rifles will do duty at the Windsor.  It is quite likely that a church parade will take place at Christ Church Cathedral on Sunday, in which 1,500 men will participate.  A meeting of the commanding officers of the city corps will be held at the Brigade Office this morning.  There is a general feeling that Friday afternoon shall be proclaimed




And thus enable our young men who belong to the city regiments to take part in the parade.  The following may be given as the




It is possible that the Vice-Regal train will arrive at Bonaventure Station at 10 o’clock, although, from the notice given to the City Council that they were expected to appear in the City Hall at 2:30 pm Friday to proceed to Bonaventure Depot, it would appear that the train is expected later.


The address of the Mayor and Board of Alderman will be presented in the depot immediately after the arrival of the train, after which the Vice-Regal party will be escorted to the Windsor Hotel, along Bonaventure Street, Victoria square, Beaver Hall Hill and Dorchester Streets.  The illumination on Friday evening will commence at 7 o’clock, and at 8 o’clock a torchlight procession will proceed to Dominion Square by Notre Dame, St James, St Radegonde and Dorchester streets.  Torches will be supplied at the City Hall.  A drawing-room will be held at the Windsor on Saturday evening at 9:30pm. 



To the Editor of the Star.

Sir,– Will you in behalf of the good name and intelligence of Montreal ask Mr. Laurent, the present enlightened Chairman of the Road Committee to complete the good work he has begun in Dominion Square by having the ugly boxes now destroying the few remaining trees, removed before the advent of the Princess?  As many of them are in reclining position, the royal sensibilities may be shocked by taking them as she passes in torchlight procession for unbalanced officials made exuberant under Windsor Hotel persuasion.  Another feather in the Chairman’s civic cap would be to have the fence which now disfigures Philips Square replaced by a stone curb as at the square near-by.

An Eastender.